Activity introduction

【2022】 Rice planting was held!

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, we planted rice 🌾.

The day was blessed with beautiful weather and we were able to refresh ourselves surrounded by nature ☀️.

The farmer gave me assistance with the rice transplanter, but it is difficult to plant straight 🚜.

Every year we consult with our contract farmers to grow non-BL rice without pesticides, and we are now looking forward to the harvest.

After the rice planting was finished, the farmers gave us onigiri 🍙.

It was a simple rice ball with pickled plums, but it was so luxurious and delicious that I couldn’t help but overeat it.

We are reminded that the food we normally take for granted is delivered to us by many people.

We will continue to contribute to the local community through our daily work and aim to be a company that brings joy to everyone.