Activities of MINATO

We will continue to expand our activities on a daily basis with the aim of creating a society in which the town and nature and people-to-people are connected and cyclical.

01 Recycling Business

Plastic Reclamation

In cooperation with domestic and overseas partners, we collect waste plastics from Niigata, Hokuriku, Kita-Kanto, and Tohoku regions, and sell them to manufacturers in Japan and overseas after processing them into recycled materials.

Material recovery

In order to reduce the amount of crushing and disposal, we select the best conditioned materials from plastic pallets and discarded flexible containers and sell them at reasonable prices to those who need them.

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02 Tidying up

Office Relocation・warehousing

We can also dispose of a variety of discarded items (furniture, home appliances, used paper, etc.) at the time of office relocation or warehouse clearance.

during one's lifetime・disposal of relics

We organize and dispose of discarded items that cannot be disposed of by the family alone. By purchasing relics in good condition, we aim to reduce disposal costs and reuse the relics.

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03 Used goods for sale

Used Materials Sales

Among collected plastic pallets and discarded flexible containers, those in good condition are sold as used materials.

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Used Home Appliances・Furniture sales

We use FaceBook to encourage people to collect furniture and appliances so that they can go to those who need them.

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Flow to collection

  1. STEP1 Contact Us
  2. STEP2 on-site inspection
  3. STEP3 Provide a quotation
  4. STEP4 Collection date determined
  5. STEP5 Recovery
  6. STEP6 Payment