Case study

Case study 資材販売Recycling BusinessMaterial recovery Used plastic containers for sale (Kyushu area)
Material recovery Period of implementationApril 2022

Two farmers contacted us at the same time on our website asking for used plastic containers in the Kyushu region.
At first, we told them that we had no connections in the Kyushu region and that it would be difficult to provide them with information, but a few days later, Jewelry Farm Group, an agricultural production corporation, contacted us about disposing of their plastic containers.
We thought this was a good opportunity, so we contacted the two people who had contacted us and offered them the opportunity to purchase the containers.
The timing was good, as the container was in good condition and had been used carefully, and some people wanted to use it again.
One person contacted us to let us know that they also wanted one, and three people purchased it.
We still have about 100 pieces available, so please contact us on our website if you would like to purchase one.
The size is 51.5 cm (width), 36 cm (depth), and 30 cm (height).
Shipping will be quoted separately.

Jewelry Farm Group, an agricultural production corporation, also operates an online store.
Jewelry Farm Group's website is here

When I actually purchased the Amaou, I received large bright red strawberries, and when I ate them, the sweetness was mouthwateringly delicious.
We have received permission from Jewelry Farm Group to post the URL here.
If you are interested, please visit their website.

Location Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Customer Used plastic containers for sale (Kyushu area)
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