Case study

Case study Tidying upDuring one’s lifetime・disposal of relics Individual
During one’s lifetime・disposal of relics Period of implementationDecember 10, 2019.

We were in charge of the prenatal liquidation of a home apartment in Niigata City's Chuo Ward.

It was a 2DK layout on the second floor and looked like a trash house since the residents were no longer living there.

Taking into consideration the parking space and the noise problem to the neighbors, we put about 10 workers at once and completed the work in about 2 hours.

In fact, during the preliminary inspection, I thought that they would have trouble throwing away their albums, old notebooks, and other items that they were attached to, so the day before the work, I was allowed to come in and sort them out by myself.

I also sorted out appliances that could be used as used items and collected them, thereby reducing the cost.

Location Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Customer Individual
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